Hyperloop Development Milestones



The entire project is divided into four main areas, and each area divided into sub-threads. Goal is to disaggregate as much as possible so to divide the work into manageable pieces. This approach will also allow identifying special knowledge/skills/abilities in the community to have full coverage.  

Each section will have a lead.  Each thread will have an assigned team of volunteers.  


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  • Environmental impact
  • Market potential
  • Cost projections and overall financial forecast
  • Comparisons with other systems
  • Locations exploration
  • Feasibility Trades
    • Will decreasing top speed impact the cost?
    • Complexity? Design
    • Where can we save money? Time?
    • What if…?


  • Capsule
    • Human vs cargo vs hybrid
    • Interior design
      Exteriors and technology
    • Environmental system
    • Attitude Control
    • Fluid dynamics/energy analysis
  • Propulsion
    • Compressor
    • Linear Induction motor
    • Batteries
  • Safety and reliability
    • Medical / Emergency
    • Backup wheels
    • Backup breaks
    • Enviroment

  • Tube
    • Technical design:
    • Analysis
    • Logistic
    • Material
    • Construction
  • Route selection and optimization
    • Short demo
    • Finalize initial route
    • Connections to existing transpaortation infrastructure and the last mile
  • Stations
    • Technical design
    • Analysis
    • Logistic
    • Human factor
  • Manufacturing techniques and materials selection
  • Suppliers and value chain
  • Integration approach
  • Step-wise analysis and test plan
  • Sub scale testing





Sep 30 » Oct 31, 2013

  • Company name selection
  • Interview of volunteers and recruitment
  • Post project’s threads and milestones 

Oct 7 » Nov 3, 2013

  • Selection of Section Leads
    • Training of section leads and define expectations and deliverables
  • Recruitment of key companies
  • Work on website as platform to enable cooperation
  • Gather and vote most significant questions for each thread of the project
  • Finalize all legal aspects including:
    • Company incorporation, officers, liabilities, insurance protection
  • Resolve questions relative to individual contribution (crowdsourcing) and potential impacts re: CA and Federal govt, including tax and who responsible. 
    • Develop contracts/agreements templates for high contributors, as well as agreements with co-founder

Nov 4, 2013 » Feb 23, 2014

  • Hyperloop Kickoff
    • Live meeting and/or online hangout
  • Work on answering each question and to gather as much design details as possible
    • Organize periodical hangouts on internet to discuss the separate topics and the project as a whole
    • Organize f2f hangout events
  • Define scope of the subscale prototype
    • Seek and secure partners for where the prototype will be constructed
  • Fundraising. Some examples:
    • Create a mechanism to accept $$ against the project by creating milestones that have a price tag associated to it. Maybe multiple milestones for each segment.
    • Find a sponsor for each specific section from companies that are expert in each area. Donate time of one of their experts and/or some cash
    • Secure xprize-like effort for identified components 

Mar 2 » Mar 23, 2014

  • Write the updated white paper. 
    • Goal is to conclusively answer all the tough questions, prove that the design is feasible, and collect reasonable estimates for schedule and cost
    • Other goal is to identify what the prototype needs to achieve: subscale? Short distance? Multiple risk reduction tests?  All of the above?

Mar 30, 2014 

  • Release of the white paper

Mar 30 » Jun 1, 2014

  • New round of recruitment with current participants having RoFR
  • Define the sub-milestones for the prototype development
  • Determination of any constraints for prototype depending on use and location
  • Continue definition of hyperloop design
  • Prepare bid specs for prototype construction

Jun 2

  • Prototype design released for bid/construction  

Jun 30 » Dec 28

  • Work on prototype o Continue to secure funding for prototype 

Q1 2015

  • Demo events